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Monday 6 February 2023

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The company "ComputerLand" is one of the Russian Federation leaders in the development of  education and training automated systems,  hardware and software based educational systems; interactive electronic technical manuals; support and organization solutions for educational process; development and control of advanced training centers;  delivery of mobile block modular training solutions.

The company has been operating since 1989.
Headquarters in St. Petersburg.

Main activities are: research and development; carrying out development work for the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation in the field of  education, training of military specialists, development of training systems, development of life support systems; conduct research and development activities for high-tech industries of the national economy; development of automated learning systems; development of software simulators and training courses; development of information support systems for technical staff on the basis of interactive electronic manuals;  production of mobile block modular training solutions.

The company has all the necessary licenses and certificates, including the license for the use of information constituting a state secrets; certificated under quality management system ISO 9001 (Certificate of Conformity № ROSS RU.3609.04CHZH00 / ES.S.O.02.01.000737-12).

Company  is assigned to the Military acceptance subdivision number 268.

The company leads projects from R & D to

Implementation of turnkey solutions .

During its long history the company has formed a powerful scientific and technical potential. At various times projects  involved more than 25 Candidates of Sciences, three Doctors of Sciences, more than 50 teachers and university supervisors from High Technical and Military Colleges, leading designers of military enterprises, mineral resources, heat and power, machine-building industry, representatives from military SRIs and scientific control and technical center of Ministry of Defence.

Basic services and activities are:

  • Development of automated educational  systems for  training of military and civilian personnel
  • Development of software simulators
  • Development of information support systems for technical staff on the basis of interactive electronic technical manuals
  • Creation of computer training software
  • Creation of  training courses
  • Development and production of interactive equipment
  • Software Development
  • Production of mobile block-modular training systems
  • Creation of complex  video monitoring systems
  • PR, advertising and exhibition activities in the international markets of weapons, military and special equipment, as well as in the areas of energy, oil industry, mineral resource industry


аutonomous field camp


LLC "ComputerLand" by order of "Oboronstroy" and NGO "Center of professional equipment" to perform a full range of works for an advertising campaign of the аutonomous field camp submarine -500 domestic production.

Russian Defence Ministry Innovation

The current computer classroom for theoretical training of tank crews "ACOK" was shown at the international exhibition "Innovation of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation - 2014".

Submissions in the category press, allowed to use the media to create educational materials on the complex and an automated training system "ACOK".

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