- 3D-animation
Saturday 3 June 2023


The company develops 3D-animation of any complexity for the production of technical, training, presentational, advertising and other kinds of movies and commercials. The main direction of the company in 3D-animation is the creation of animated movies in the field of armaments and military equipment. 3D-animation allows to demonstrate the structure and location of equipment, complex technical processes of combat vehicles systems functioning and to demonstrate the benefits of combat vehicles to foreign counterparts. Highly detailed 3D-model makes it possible to reveal hidden processes that cannot be seen at the show of real machine. As part of the 3D-animation specialty company provides the following services:

  • 3D-modeling facilities,
  • 3D-visualization of objects,
  • Dynamic simulation,
  • Setting scenes and cameras,
  • Rendering,
  • Assignment of different physical properties to models,
  • Animation of objects,
  • Creating a three-dimensional landscapes, scenes, environment, etc. for setting the object into desired environment,
  • Editing of animated movie,
  • Creating sound-track for animated movie.

Weapons and military equipment


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