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Saturday 16 October 2021


The company`s process of development of design documentation and design is based on three-dimensional modeling. 3D modeling allows you to create complex assembly modeling of real objects consisting of hundreds of smaller 3D models (parts). For geometric modeling of engineering products we use Solid Works, Inventor, Solid Edge, Compass and other software depending on the customer's needs.

On the basis of three-dimensional objects with a deep level of details there produced documentation of various levels of complexity in a single software environment including maintenance documentation of upper levels. By special arrangement with the customer delivery phase of design documentation includes transferring of data models for CNC (CAD Works, Gibbs CAM, cnc Cad), parts of dies (Logo press), mold parts (Mold Works) and other specialized programs. 3D assemblies allows the analysis of the work mechanisms which is especially important in the case of designing a new machine or mechanism.

Basic services and activities are:

  • Development of solid and surface models from design sketches.
  • Three-dimensional modeling of engineering objects surfaces and solid models from drawings.
  • Drawings execution basing on surface and solid models.
  • Development of surface and solid models based on a model developed in 3Dmax.
  • Prototyping general arrangement of machinery interconnected in a single system.
  • Creating a database of 3D-models of equipment and machinery for the benefit of the customer;
  • Development of design documentation and design drawings derived from 3D-models.
  • Development of interactive electronic technical manuals (IETM see).
  • Development of 3D animations


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3D-modeling is used for the development of interactive electronic technical manuals, flow charts, electronic documents, advertising and branding for the product. In the field of PR and advertising 3D-models are used for presentation of sketchy and technical projects, the creation of video, multimedia presentations, technical and advertising publications, catalogs, photo-realistic images, WEB-resources, etc.

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