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Monday 6 February 2023

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The company is engaged in 3D-modeling of any level of complexity. The basis of 3D-modeling is to create a visual volumetric (three-dimensional) image of an object with low-poly or high poly 3D-Models.

Low poly 3D-Model
Three-dimensional model with a low number of polygons in which the contours of the model, major components and parts are made by 3D-modeling and small parts - as a texture (pattern). Low poly models have a small volume and low quality display. Such models are used in animation to create background plans and software products that enables the user to control 3D-object in real-time computer games, WEB, etc.

High poly 3D-Model
Three-dimensional model with a high number of polygons in which all elements, including the texture of the surface is made by 3D-modeling. Texture 3D-model has fully consistent color, reflectance and other essential parameters of the real texture of the object of modeling. High poly model has a large volume and is fully consistent with the real object which allows its use for the development of interactive electronic technical manuals, flow charts, photo-realistic images, matte painting, 3D-quality animations, etc.

Company's services include:

  • Development of low-poly models;
  • Development of high poly models;
  • Parametric modeling;
  • Adaptation of three-dimensional content for different tasks;
  • Texturing;
  • Setting up and handling of materials.

For the acquisition of 3D-models and specifications of 3D-models from the archive of the company,
please call +7 (812) 404-06-86 or fill in the «feedback form»


3D-models are used to develop a variety of types and methods of visualization of objects, products, assemblies, components, parts and processes for use in the process sketched-technical design, illustration, web sites, multimedia presentations, video productions of various kinds, printed products, the development of design -Projects exhibition spaces.

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