- 3D-visualization
Monday 6 February 2023


Based on 3D-models our technical specialists develop 3D-visualization of objects, products, components, assemblies, components, processes, etc. with different levels of complexity. 3D-visualization is the process of creating photorealistic images which is based on visualization (rendering) of three-dimensional object (high poly 3D-model) using specialized software and hardware (render station).

Ability to set the optical characteristics of the surface material (material texture, color, reflective and refractive power, smoothness, shape, reflections, etc.) and show hidden (internal) processes of object at work allows you to evaluate object as really existing even including internal technological processes that cannot be seen when viewing real live object.

3D-visualization can be developed both for existing or not existing objects (using drawings and documentation). Also 3D-visualization of objects can be represented in real time with specialized software.

3D-visualization is used in sketchily-technical design, multimedia presentations, video, printed products, web sites, etc.

Matte Painting

MSTA 155 2

A separate activity of the company is creation of photorealistic images based on 3D-imaging in technique of matte painting, mainly for technical and promotional publications for armaments and military equipment. Large-scale high-quality images are made using real or photo-realistic 3D-images of objects and landscapes, creating the illusion of a photorealistic scene or objects action in the environment.

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