- Advertizing and exhibition activities
Monday 6 February 2023



The company provides a full range of services in the field of advertising and exhibition activities from preparation period for the exhibition, the exhibition itself and the works after the exhibition.

Preparation Period for the exhibition includes:

  • Planning the exhibition, including value determination of the exhibition, the specification of the purposes of participation in the exhibition, gathering information on exhibition activities within the country and abroad, estimation of the target audience, definition of the forms of participation in the exhibition, making the calculation of the initial price of participation in the exhibition with the preparation of cost estimates.
  • Development of the exhibition program, including the formation of the list of exhibits, creating a plan to participate in the specialized exhibition events, plan for own activities and scheduling of participation.
  • Registration and participation in the exhibition, including the conclusion of a contract with the organizing, equipment and additional services ordering, service contracts conclusion, recruitment and transport companies orders, organization of staff accommodation, visa support in case of participation in the international exhibition, design of advertising passports etc.
  • Development of the design project of exhibition space, including the creation of an advertising idea, a plan of the exhibition stand, explication sites, insolation areas, zoning, defining the technical characteristics of the stand, specifications for materials and equipment. Design project - a set of documents and materials describing all construction and finishing solutions for exhibition spaces design. It includes plans, drawings, scans, 3D-visualization, and selection of exterior and interior solutions.
  • Ensuring the construction and installation of indoor and outdoor areas in accordance with the approved design project. Site supervision.
  • Development of concepts of special events, presentations, forums, round tables, business meetings, held at the exhibition.
  • Development and production of advertising and image materials: all kinds of polygraphic products, video, multimedia and static presentations, souvenirs, and handouts, outdoor advertising, etc.
  • Preparation of information materials: technical catalogs, data sheets, price lists, folders stand staff.
  • Planning, recruitment and staff training. Training for representatives of enterprises, management of the stand, stand personnel, technical personnel, referents for countries, press secretaries, supporting personnel staff.
  • Development of functional responsibilities of personnel with the preparation of schedules of each employee of the stand, creating a schedule of works supporting personnel (workers, cleaners, security guards, etc.).
  • Implementation of information support, including an invitation to delegations and visitors to the exhibition, announcing participation in the exhibition as a specialized and public media, writing press releases, developing press packets, the creation of specialized web-resources, etc. .

The exhibition period

  • Participation in the exhibition area process, the implementation of information and reference services: the information about the object of the company, distribution of advertising and promotional materials, work with visitors.
  • Providing translation services.
  • Implementation of organizational and technical services.
  • Conduct special events, press conferences, round tables, forums, presentations, etc.
  • Implementing demonstration services during presentations, special events, demonstrations, etc.
  • Information support, including invitation and briefings with the media, writing press releases, announcing special events, etc.
  • Providing technical support to exhibition activities.
  • Conducting photo and video exhibition activities for use in post exhibition materials.
  • Conducting live broadcasts from the exhibition grounds.
  • Arrangement of visitors.

Post exhibition activities

  • Writing analytical reports on the exhibition.
  • Analysis of conducted pre-contract work.
  • Preparation of a database of potential customers.
  • Maintain contact with potential customers, including sending thank-you letters, business proposals, additional advertising and information materials, offers for the following business meetings.
  • Implementation of information support, including the publication of papers and reports, delivery of subjects and particiption in television projects in the Russian and foreign media, preparation of materials for web-resources.
  • Develop reporting image and advertising materials: Photo, video, movies, etc.


In 2012, the company has developed a concept of presentation of modernized tanks T-90S at the exhibition Defexpo-2012, in Delhi, India. Full-scale specimen of the tank was introduced in a natural, aggressive environment. The outer part of the exhibition has been realized in the form of a desert landscape, creating an effect of "presence" of the machine in place of fighting. Single stylistic decision in the design of the stand has united all functional areas in a harmonious space.


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