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Monday 6 February 2023


img 4Automated  training system  (ATS)  for theoretical and initial before simulators  training developed by "ComputerLand" is aimed for  military and civilian specialists education in various  academic disciplines packed in a modern hardware and software package.

System embodies the latest digital, information and educational technologies in process of continuous learning process.

The system fully meets the modern requirements of educational institutions at all levels in the organization of the educational process, providing methodological activities,  carrying  administrative activities  and solves the problems of educational process in terms of:

  • Comprehensive support of  learning process, including an objective assessment of learning outcomes and storage for students  data;
  • Organization of the methodical work of the institution;
  • Keeping administrative activities.

Computer training facilities with installed automated training system allows fast preparation of large number of military personnel in any region, in any language, automatically or under teacher supervision with the necessary and required level of knowledge in any discipline.

The learning process is organized with the latest interactive techniques  using different types of educational material developed on the basis of 3D-technologies, new teaching methods and ways of educational material presentation/ After course  with the use of automated training system 86% of students performed better test results.

The ATS system consists of:

  • Set of educational technology hardware;
  • Specialized software;
  • Training courses.

System configuration is adoptable according the goals and objectives of the customer. It has more than 50 variants of hardware educational technology packages that fully meet the needs of modern educational institutions and centers. 

img 3Set of educational technology hardware is based on modern computer equipment and adapted for multi-purpose use, providing  high technical performance, functionality and high level of unification. To increase the service life in hard conditions system has optional against vandalism configuration.

Basic components of the system are: teacher`s workplace,  trainee`s  workplace, multimedia system, multimedia interactive complex,  multimedia complex.

Specialized softwareprovides organization, management and flexible control of learning processes for military specialists and includes standard and specialized software modules.

Training courses are based on interactive technologies, use cutting-edge military pedagogy results and presents an improved and  traditional types of educational materials, products of modern information technologies and methodological accompaniment for bringing it all to students. General concept of courses development is the use of three-dimensional animated models of vehicles, as well as exact work algorithms of units and mechanisms.

The system includes  software (procedural) simulators that provide reinforcement of knowledge, allows  to get introductory common knowledge of device, parameters and location of objects, instill and improve skills to implement practical actions.

Any learning process effectiveness depends on proper organization of studies. The system optimizes the educational process  and allows to carry different  forms of studies:  individual, group, free, front, additional training, self-study. Training activities results evaluation is organized as control tests and procedural simulators `tasks execution.

Testing system includes text, graphics, interactive and practical tests. It is designed to monitor students achievements maintaining ratings in the electronic database storing results of the individual performance of each student and overall group performance. 

System is indispensable in conditions of:interfaces

  • Reduced training time;
  • Increasing levels of complexity techniques (for technical specialties);
  • Reduction of motivation among students in mastering the material;
  • Low methodological level of the teaching staff;
  • Reduced educational level of students;
  • Inconsistencies of educational institutions training hardware to today time requirements.

ATS use compensates the lack of knowledge and pedagogical experience of the teaching staff, repeatedly accelerates the process of complex material understanding, provides a dramatic expansion of audiences, both covered by the latest technological techniques and methods to achieve educational goals within the same class, increases the interest of students and provides a strong internal push to a successful knowledge of the material being studied.

The system was highly appreciated by the teaching staff and the heads of military educational institutions of Russia, experts of various military departments, representatives of the military industry  of the Russian Federation. Currently ATS is successfully used in modern combat training centers of the Russian Federation, including Combat training of the Land Forces of the Russian Federation and adopted to implementation  in military educational institutions of the Russian Federation.

The result of ATS application is:

  • Significant reduction of study period (50% compared with the traditional system of military specialists training).
  • Significant improvement of the quality of education (86% of students performed better test results after training with the use of the system as compared to the use of standard teaching methods).
  • Significant reduction in tuition fees.
  • Identical training level in any area in any language.
  • Methodical support for teacher.
  • A significant increase in the level of training of the teaching staff.
  • Objective evaluation and analysis of results.
  • Maintaining  statistics in a single database.
  • Keeping fundamental knowledge.
  • Operational management changes.
  • Automation learning process (planning, progress and attendance records, statistical analysis, administration, business activities, etc.).
  • Introduction of interactive ways of presenting materials and efficient use of new teaching methods.
  • Maintaining global standards for the organization and maintenance of educational process in educational institutions.
  • Ability to create a unified information environment for military education institutions.
  • Automating  the collection and processing of statistical information.
  • A new efficient model of education.

You can find more details about the automated system for theoretical
training in our special edition or by phone: +7 (812) 954-28-39.

Holding group sessions under the guidance of a teacher
Working with the software simulator
System Interfaces

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