- CALS–technology
Monday 6 February 2023

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Company has been working for many years in the field of product lifecycle support for Russian industrial companies based on the implementation of CALS technologies. Continuous information support of supply and product life cycle provides a modern approach to marketing, design, production, sales, maintenance, servicing and disposal of high-tech products.

The main specialization of the company - the development of automated systems for technical training, interactive electronic technical manuals, electronic catalogs, routing cards, training simulators, materials for information and technical products support.

Information and management technologies for products lifecycle support are among the most effective means of improving the competitiveness of the product. As a result of continuous information support highly efficient and qualified interaction of all participants of the product life cycle is provided: customers, manufacturers and suppliers, operations and maintenance personnel.

Information support of product lifecycle processes is implemented in accordance with the requirements of international standards governing the rules of this interaction primarily through electronic data interchange.

Application of CALS-technologies can significantly reduce the amount of design work due to the generated databases that stores descriptions of parts of equipment, machinery and systems designed earlier in standardized formats. Thanks to the unity of design approaches it increases the ability to integrate products into analog systems and environments, facilitates problem solving on product upgrades and adaption to the customer needs, products repair and maintenance.

In Russia information support of the product life cycle is carried out in accordance with GOST R ISO 1030 and GOST R 53394-2009.

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