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Wednesday 7 December 2022


As practice shows , the construction of energy facilities today involves the use of complex and technically sophisticated solutions . Design thus becomes an important component , defining quality parameters , the cost of construction and further operational reliability power facility .
With its own technical developments and experience of applying modern technology and solutions , project unit of " COMPUTERLAND" to provide design services for electric power facilities , power and utilities , as well as heating systems , water supply and sanitation . Our projects always meet the requirements of reliability and optimized cost . Applied design decisions can be based on an import element base and on domestic developments .
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As part of the design, we perform the following activities:

  • Development of concepts of energy supply;
  • Implementation of pre-design study;
  • Preparation of feasibility study for construction;
  • Preparation of the contract for design and survey work and the calculation of the cost of design and survey work;
  • Development of design documentation (completely on the object);
  • The development of construction documents;
  • Approval of decisions and documents in the examination, network companies and other interested organizations;
  • Development of working documentation;
  • Author's supervision;
  • Project engineering, including design of permits, obtaining initial data for design and technical support of the project;
  • Assistance in obtaining technical conditions, limits;
  • Development of the project for the construction and supply of equipment specifications.
The company's specialists have developed an optimal solution for the customer and provide a feasibility study of the decision. The basis of our success is the individual approach to each client and the ability to find the original design decisions, even in the most difficult situation in the shortest possible time.
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