- Design and development of designer documentation
Saturday 25 March 2023

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One of important company activities is the development of design documentation (DD). We carry out work on the creation of documentation for different types of products to the customer's specifications or by customers provided conceptual design. Design documentation is performed in accordance with the requirements of ESKD.

Depending on the goals and objectives of the customer design documentation includes assembly drawings, detailed drawings, outline drawings, theoretical drawings, dimensional drawings, wiring drawings, assembly drawings, packaging drawings, plans, specifications, statements, memorandums, specifications, programs and test procedures, calculations, operation and maintenance documents, instructions. The set of design documentation is determined according to customers' specifications.

We use modern computer-aided design software, which allows us to carry out all types of DD (AutoCad, SolidWorks, Inventor, Compas, etc.). Design documentation is performed on the basis of 3D models of the product developed by our specialists, thus the customer receives both 2D and 3D product and its individual units models.

The company designers conduct modeling, perform the necessary strength, kinematic, dynamic, thermal calculations of model elements, etc. The company experts after the release of a set of design documentation for the prototype product are involved in its release. In accordance with characteristics of a particular enterprise process DD is corrected the final version of DD is released for mass production.

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