- Educational computer classes for teoretical training
Saturday 3 June 2023


Multifunction computer classes for theoretical training with automated system  consists of educational hardware, software and  training courses developed basing  on interactive learning technologies,  educational process and 3D-modeling. To date, these classes stands at the highest level of Russian modern automated system for theoretical training of military specialists. Classes development was held within the framework of the ROC "statoscope-188" and "baroscope-5903" under the direction of the Educational Military Unit, GUBP, GABTU of Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and the Military Research Institutes  №№ 38, 46, 3, 21 and 29.

Classes have passed State Tests and have been approved for use in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

In 2012, classes for crew training for the tanks T-90A and T-72B, BMPT, BMP-3M and BTR-80A under the ROC "Brigade-U" were implemented as part of  in modern center of combat training of the Land Forces of the Russian Federation at village Moulino.

According to the Acts of the Interdepartmental Commission dated 24.11.2010 and on the basis of the Decision dated 24.11.2010 № 3/4-148-10 year design documentation for classes was assigned with «delivery letter O1». Classes with different training courses are included in the Supplies Catalog for the Armed Forces of the RF with following  identifying federal nomenclature numbers:

KUKS-688M 6920571620195
KUKS-5903A 6920571620196
KUKS-188A1 6920571620197
KUKS-184 6920571620198
SBOK-688M 6910571620199
SBOK-199 6910571620200
SBOK-188А1 6910571620201
SBOK-184 6910571620202

The complex has an unified hardware, software and types of educational material. The versatility of this class is implemented by extending the base courses. Using standardized hardware, software and the types of educational material educational system address the full range of pedagogical and methodological tasks required to ensure highly efficient process of  theoretical and initial before simulators training. The company is currently in production process developing various  training courses for these educational complexes for different types of weapons and military equipment.

To get more information you can call: +7 (812) 954-28-39.

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