- Electronic documentation
Saturday 16 October 2021



The company develops electronic documentation for various products. Electronic catalogs of parts and assembly units actually are databases that use specialized software tools allowing users easily and quickly obtain accurate information on parts and assembly units.
The electronic catalog contains complete lists of parts, assemblies and components, structured in accordance with the specification of the product.
Electronic documentation, as a transition to paperless electronic data exchange technology and information integration at all stages of the product life cycle is a basic principle of CALS technologies.

Electronic Catalogue consists of data modules containing illustrations and text parts that allow obtaining the necessary information about the details and assembly units of the product shown in the illustrations. Electronic catalogs are developed in accordance with international S1000D specification and GOST 2.601-2006, 2.610-2006, 2.611-2011.

Electronic catalogs of parts and assembly units are developed basing on 3D-models of parts assembly units and products in general. Database of 3D-models is built in accordance with the design documentation, assembly drawings and specifications.

Basic functions of illustrated catalog of parts and assembly units according to the specification S1000D are:

  • products their components and spare parts identification as part of object documentation process;
  • providing information on the relationship between the components of the product (entry details in object nodes, interchangeability of parts, etc.);
  • providing information on ordering / delivery of parts and assembly units (eg, number of products per unit of supply - the kit, box, etc., calculation units for delivery, marks on the special conditions of storage).
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