- Interactive electronic technical manuals (IETM)
Saturday 16 October 2021


Operational efficiency and the quality of repair of any technological product depends on the level of employees training. Specialists ability to use the technique effectively and technically competently and conduct quality maintenance and repairs of expensive equipment leads to increased efficiency of the product use.
In addition, it is no secret that for high-tech industrial products cost of creation and maintenance of operational and technical documentation can be a significant part of the total product operational costs. Since 2005 all exported products must be accompanied by an electronic documentation made according to international standards.
Interactive electronic technical manuals provide reliable information and technical support for personnel during equipment operation, maintenance and repairs.

IETM – is a structured set of interrelated technical data that provides interactive reference and descriptive information on the operation and maintenance procedures associated with a particular product.

IETM Application:

  • Ensuring staff with reference material in the operation and routine work on the technical product.
  • Ensuring staff with reference material during repairs of the product.
  • Providing reference materials about the device parts and operating principles (in the form of electronic documents with multimedia elements).
  • Providing information on operations with the product (necessary tools and materials, the number and qualification of staff).
  • Automatic collection and processing of data from diagnostic devices.
  • Equipment diagnostics and troubleshooting.
  • Automated materials and spare parts ordering.
  • Planning and accounting of routine maintenance.
  • Data Communication between customer and supplier.

IETM includes a database (DB) which stores all the information about the product, and electronic display system (ESP) designed to provide data visualization and user interaction. Information can be represented as text, graphics, 3D-models, animation, audio and video clips that visually demonstrates different operations of maintenance or repair for the product. Visualization of procedures of technological maintenance and repairs provides comprehensive visual instructions for personnel on products maintenance and repair that almost 100% rules out the possibility of making mistakes and occasional product damage.

The information content of IETM is prepared in accordance with customer`s requirements. In general IETM contains an electronic catalog that allows you viewing all the subassemblies components and assemblies of the product.
IETM allows you to view all the information about maintenance operations either prior to their execution or directly in the workplace using our mobile solution like – Support Tablet TSB-200.

IETM for maintenance and repair of the tank T-72B


Replacing the drive wheel rims of the tank T-72B

IETM for maintenance and repair of the BMP-3

Removing the finger damper of the BMP-3

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