- Matte Painting
Sunday 26 June 2022

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The company's specialists create photorealistic images in the art of matte painting mainly for technical and promotional publications on arms and military equipment. Large-scale high-quality images are made using real or photorealistic 3D-images of objects and landscapes creating the illusion of a photorealistic scene in processes or actions of objects in the nature or urban environments.

This technology is used when it is impossible to obtain the desired image in the process of filming on location. Matte Painting is particularly relevant in the absence of the product at the time of the development of promotional materials (for example, the development of advertising and presentation production of new weapons and military equipment before the end of development work), the complexity of the organization, or inability to get real shot (for example, combat vehicles at the time of combat use ), the inability of capturing relevant processes by photographs (for example, the use of military combat aircraft).

The main application areas of matte painting are: the production of secondary graphics in computer games, decorations for shooting movies and commercials, in web-design and design of promotional products in general.

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