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Saturday 3 June 2023


Computer training systems (classes) are also available in block-modular design. Mobile solutions are indispensable for rapid organization of the educational process in places without fundamental buildings and infrastructure, and in cases that requires constant redeployment of training units.

Full-fledged training centers can be deployed using  mobile solutions, which includes  not only classrooms, but all the necessary administrative and business premises. Configuration of block-modules depends on the goals and objectives of the customer.

blok modul 1Standard training package includes: classroom modules, modules with cartwright simulators, methodical study module,  weapons storage module,  guardhouse module, attendant module lounges, administrative module, food and support module, health module, personnel catering module, personnel recreation modules, officers recreation modules. Mobile training centers are equipped with all necessary life-support systems such as ventilation, air conditioning, sanitary unit, water supply, electricity and heat, etc.

Mobile training centers with various kinds of technical training facilities provide the following features:


  • Check the level of training of management, coordination and psychological state of units and formations (military units) and prepare them to perform assigned tasks in a short time.
  • Prepare compounds (military units) for peacekeeping missions, participation in special operations and other tasks in accordance with the designation of compounds.
  • Conduct computer command post exercises, command post war games, tactical group bodies meetings with tactical control.
  • Conduct short-term retraining activities with various categories of officers using conventional and advanced (computer based) forms of training.
  • Training and retraining citizens in reserve in a threat period
  • Conduct combat coordination of the newly formed compounds (military units) in the translation from peacetime to wartime.
  • Fast and high-quality authorities and troops training to carry out combat missions in the upcoming war.
  • Test units readiness to perform assigned tasks.


Block-modular centers do not require capital construction and can be installed within 2-4 months after order.

Option pursuant to the Arctic conditions also available.

blok modul 2Block-modular design advantages are :

  • Mobility, rapid deployment
  • Unification training center for various services and arms
  • Unification training center for various services and arms
  • Quick installation
  • Low cost (compared to the cost of capital construction)
  • Performance: small delivery and fast installation (2-4 months)
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