- Technical support tablet TSB-200
Saturday 16 October 2021


TSB-200 is an electronic vandal-resistant tablet, preloaded with special software and a set of information modules to support the life cycle of the product and provide information for support technicians.

The Tablet was developed in a modular style. Its base units (modules) are:
Module of Interactive electronic technical manuals (IETM);
Module of the product operational documentation (ED);

obzorIETM Module
Module TSB-200 "interactive electronic technical manuals" is a complex of all necessary information on the components, operation, adjustment, maintenance and repair of the product. Module implements various types of multimedia materials with online access to which specialist receive through an interactive display system with an intuitive interface.
IETM utilizes a single database of information materials including hypertext, diagrams, drawings, pictures, posters, interactive diagrams, three-dimensional models, video and animation.
The intuitive interface is easy to use and has the ability for customization, allowing rapid retrieval of information and rapid transition to content.

IETM content includes:

  • information about the characteristics, design, principles of operation of the machine and its systems;
  • necessary instructions for the proper and safe operation and intended use of the product;
  • maintenance Instructions for the machine and its systems;
  • guidance on current repairs of systems, components and assemblies of the product;
  • guidance on storage;
  • guidance on transportation;
  • guidance on assessing the technical condition of the machine and its systems in determining the need for repairs.

ED module
Module "User documentation" of the Tablet keeps accurate electronic copies of standard product operational documentation, including forms, passports, picking list, technical descriptions, manuals, operating instructions, memos and other regulatory documents.

This provides:

  • rapid and easy access to any document for specialists;
  • duplication and safety of paper documentation initially accompanying the product
  • possibility of filling out electronic forms and monitoring their use;
  • the ability to make quick changes to the documentation in cases of products modernization.

Depending on customer requirements and necessities Tablet can be loaded with different modules, such as fault diagnosis and condition monitoring module; module for automated ordering of materials and spare parts; module for planning routine maintenance and spare parts etc.
The Tablet was conceived to provide information and technical support to military experts, but today is used also in civil industries. Especially actual is the use of the tablet for repair divisions at energy, oil and gas and engineering industries.

TSB-200. publication

TSB obl

TSB-200. Video

TSB-200 for tank T-90S

In 2011 the concept of the crew support tablet for tank T-90S was designed for JSC "SPC" Uralvagonzavod ". The Tablet provides the crew with reliable information and technical support in the operation, combat use and repair of military equipment and weapons. Information database assists the crew during check-ups, daily and routine maintenance, seasonal and regulated maintenance, current maintenance.

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