- Photographing
Sunday 26 June 2022


The company provides services for photographing in different directions and genres. The main types of photography which we produce are: reportage, corporate and advertising photography.

The most common genre of shooting for the military-industrial complex - is sequential shooting. Weapons and military equipment are shot usually on the field outputs, marches during the exercises and firings during the prototype testing and exhibitions. Sequential shooting mode is used when the viewer is necessary to create a sense of objectivity and impartiality. Photo report can be event-driven, themed or staging.

Landscape Photographyis widely used for promotional purposes: in the image, and technical publications, catalogs, presentations, journal publications, outdoor advertising, on websites.

Corporate survey includes portrait shooting of leaders and management, photographing interiors of production and administrative areas, surveyed business events, conferences, seminars, presentations, negotiations, etc. Corporate photographing includes elements of reportage, advertising, staging, portrait, the subject of photography. Photos taken from corporate photography can be used in fashion magazines about the company, products and services, photo reports, annual reports, websites, magazine articles, etc.

Advertising photography- it's an object or group of objects united by artistic composition. Advertising photography includes various genres, the main purpose of advertising photography - getting spectacular quality images for use in advertising and PR purposes. It is used in the development of advertising catalogs, corporate brochures, calendars, posters, postcards, packaging, magazine publishing, outdoor advertising, etc.

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