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Sunday 26 June 2022


The company develops presentations of different complexity levels for different target audiences. Our company`s specialization is the development of sophisticated presentations for technicians submitting products for public or private negotiations conducting pre-contract activities.

The company provides services for the development of:

  • marketing presentations;
  • scientific presentations;
  • technical presentations;
  • training presentations.

Presentations are delivered at any desired formats like Pdf, Ppt, Flv, Avi and others. Presentations can be static, multimedia, three-dimensional and video types.

Static presentation – this is presentation with information presented in the form of static images and text. Static presentations can be used both in electronic form and in hard copy.

Multimedia presentations are designed for a specific scenario, a combination of computer animation, graphics, video, music and audio series, which are organized into a single environment. A distinctive feature of the multimedia presentation is its interactivity - the possibility of user interaction with multimedia image.

Video presentation – this is presentation with information presented in the form of videos, including the use of three-dimensional animation and three-dimensional graphics. Typically, video presentations uses voiced narration, music and sound series.

Three-dimensional presentation – is the presentation working with three-dimensional models allowing rotation and the possibility of movement in the 3D-space in real time. This type of presentation is developed using additional special software modules.

Package of presentations of the modernized tank T-90S


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