- Technology routings
Saturday 25 September 2021



The company develops electronic technology routings for production for various industries. Electronic technology routings are technological alternative to conventional routings, standardized documents containing information and instructions to staff that have every enterprise performing any process or facility maintenance. Efficient routing can improve the quality and reduce the production work time by determining the optimal sequence of operations, their duration, quality control, tools and devices used for work.

Electronic technology routings are issued using three-dimensional models of products, tools, production site, machinery, tools and other objects involved in the process. As a result, the use of electronic technology routings changes qualitatively the preparing process of the production staff for work. The use of visual electronic routing reduces the time of performing detailed explanation of work stages, the way of using particular tools, making introductory instructions (especially in companies with high demands for safety).

Electronic technology routings fully answer the following questions:

  • what operations had to be performed,
  • how they must be performed and the sequence of operations,
  • how many times operations had to be performed in case of repetitive process,
  • time needed to perform each operation,
  • result of each operation,
  • tools and materials used to perform the operation,
  • safety precautions during operation.

Routings are performed both in the form of illustrated catalogs using three-dimensional objects, as well as a series of animations made on the basis of 3D.

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