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Monday 6 February 2023



The company has more than 10 years of experience in research, development and practice in the field of training, retraining and advanced personnel training. The company has its own training center which provides interactive teaching methods and conducts training according individual Customer training plans (designed specifically for each company). Trainers and teachers Team have many years of experience in the field of specialists training, consulting and coaching in various knowledge fields. The company works using project management methods that allow quick creation of highly effective team capable to quickly solve arising problems and achieve the goal of the Customer in stuff training and retraining.

Typically, staff training is conducted in the following cases:

  • when hiring new employee there is a need in correcting basic competencies for specific purposes and objectives of the company (thus training program includes briefings on safety, fire safety, specialized equipment application, etc.);
  • in cases of employee transition to new position it is necessary to obtain additional competencies associated with the specific position, level control, new relationships, etc.;
  • in cases of transferring to new technology or product line, forming a new production company based on the old one staff should be trained to operate the equipment that company has no operating experience;
  • in case of transition to new management techniques, including the introduction of new automated control systems, adding duties to specialists requirements lists;
  • in cases of the lack of necessary competencies of employees or mismatch of competencies to their positions.

Methodical department specifically for the customers tasks develops training courses based on automated training systems, training manuals, organizes training grounds for developing practical knowledge and skills. Learning technique is based on a balanced approach to the theoretical and practical training, focused on developing practical skills within the range of qualifying requirements. During classes, teachers use e-learning courses, which significantly improve the quality of education and take into account specific features of the prepared staff.

Training technique includes a serious approach to the objective monitoring of specialists knowledge. During training session initial, ongoing and final tests are conducted, which shows current level of knowledge of experts, that means the operational impact on the quality of their education.

Testing System includes:

  • aptitude testing,
  • expertise and skills testing, 
  • testing for knowledge of technological processes,
  • testing with software simulators,
  • * psychological testing to identify the different psychological characteristics of employees.

Testing allows identifying of critical gaps in knowledge and skills of employees, adjusting a refresher education course in accordance with the basic knowledge of specialists and determination of the psychological characteristics that affect their behavior in extreme situations, the ability of their career and personal growth, the ability to hold leading positions in the company.

Sessions can be conducted as a group or individually. Required number of training hours is determined during the training program development. Upon completion of training customer receives for each specialist a set of educational and methodical literature, certificate of training completion and a dossier on each expert, including learning outcomes, the results of psychological tests and recommendations for follow-up training, depending on the goals and objectives of the customer.

The proposed training system is mobile, keeps abreast of changes in the labor market demand, takes into account the real needs of businesses in the competencies of employees
Training can be organized not only at the training center of the company, but on-site on the territory of the Customer Training Center as well or even remotely over the Internet.

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