- Training systems
Monday 6 February 2023

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For over 10 years the company has been leading professional research l in the field of military education and military pedagogy. The company has fulfilled several research and development projects.

Company`s Scientific Department  basing  on the experience of the world of pedagogy and the latest achievements of science has developed an automated training system  for theoretical and initial training  before simulators, which  solves such a complex didactic task as complete assimilation of the material studied in a limited time. The system can be used for theoretical training in any field of military or civilian knowledge.  System is used in conjunction with modern training equipment (hardware) and interactive training courses.

Basing  on the automated system for theoretical training there were developed computer training facilities (classrooms) for military personnel of the Land Forces of the Russian Federation. Such classes  are now embedded in modern center of combat training of the Land Forces of the Russian Federation.

The company has its own training center, teaching and methodical team for personnel training and retraining using automated system by standard courses or courses individually developed for specific customer.

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