- Video production
Sunday 26 June 2022


The company's specialists have extensive experience in creating a wide range of video:

  • TV programs;
  • Television stories;
  • Commercials;
  • Web site presentation video;
  • Representative movies;
  • Documentary;
  • Educational films;
  • Animation.

The company provides a full range of services on video creation: from script writing and directing explication to shooting, editing and sound. Videos are developed depending on the goals and objectives of the customer in a variety of formats using TV graphics, video, and special effects, 3D-modeling.
The company provides the filming process at the highest level, single-and multi-cameras shooting for recording or on-line with audio, including concert quality.



blok vid

The company develops sophisticated technical presentations based on 3D-animations and shootings at location. Technical presentations are an important tool for promoting complex technical solutions to foreign and Russian markets are designed for public and private presentations to government officials, foreign delegations, in a professional environment, during the negotiations, during the exhibitions, etc. Own scientific department of the company enables technical presentations as "turnkey" on its own efforts with little or no resources requested from the customer. The Company has the license for the use of information constituting a state secret, that allows us to carry out work on the closed facilities and the use of information, access to which is limited.

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